Monday 29 December 2008


Hey ladies,

Howz da goin'? I have had a lot of requests asking about how to correctly measure boob sizes and cups, so i have decided to oblige y'all. It is very important to wear the correct sized bra, as ill fitting bras can disfigure your boobs. Also, you don't want to look like the lady here if everything has gone south, so please get measuring.

Like i informed you in my second post here about where to buy good support bras at a bargain, there are stores that do boob measurements and if you live in the UK, Marks & Spencer, La Senza and John Louis offer this service. If however, you do not have access to these services, then please read and follow my instructions below to do this manually. You will need a tape measure (preferably paper) in inches, and a pencil. Optimally, you should be wearing your most comfortable bra when the following measurements are being done, though this is not mandatory. In my opinion though, doing it braless is more accurate but this is best if you are doing it yourself and if your boobs haven't given in to velocity. If however, you're having your boobs measured at stores that offer this service, then i'd advise you wear a comfortable sports bra instead of going au naturelle, so as not to embarass the!!!

There are two variables you'd need to determine, to correctly find your bra and cup size. These variables are your frame size and your chest+breast size. Keep in mind, however, that determining your bra and cup size is not an exact science. If you find you should be wearing a 34 C, but a 32 B fits you better, obviously get the more comfortable one.

1. To Determine Frame & Bra Size:
The frame size is the diameter around your chest, just below your breasts. Using the tape measure, measure around your ribcage directly under your breasts. There should be no breast tissue measured while determining your frame size. Record your results on a piece of paper.
Add 5 to this number to determine your bra size. If the number you get is odd, round up to the next even number. For example, if your frame size is 26 inches, when you add 5 to this you get 31 inches. You should therefore round up to the even number which is 32 inches (since bras only come in even numbers). This is your bra size- 32 inches.

2. To Determine Breast Size:
The next measurement goes around the chest over and including the fullest part of your bust (usually at the level of the nipples). Technically, you should take this measurement while wearing a comfortable bra, so i usually tell my clients this; but like i said earlier, if you're doing it yourself, then go commando baby! This is the diameter of your chest+breast. Record this number on your piece of paper.

3. To Calculate Cup Size:
Now, take the chest + breast size number, and subtract your bra size number. Then use my guide below to determine your cup size. Sorry, i can't figure out how to table this and the tab button isn't working with blogger, so i have used colours to illustrate; Green for the inches for blue for the cup sizes.

Difference (line 5 minus 4) Cup Size
0 to 1/2 inch AA
1/2 to 1 inch A
1 to 2 1/2 inches B
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches C
3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches D
4 1/2 to 6 inches DD (E)
6 to 7 inches DDD (F)
7 to 8 inches G
etc., etc. etc.

4. For example:
Let's assume your frame size is 31 inches, your bra size is therefore 36 inches (31 + 5 = 36 inches). In addition, assume you measured your chest+breast size at 40 inches. Now, take your chest+breast size (40), and subtract your bra size (36). You get 4 inches as the difference. Using the table above, you find that anyone with a difference between 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches (including 4) has a cup size D. Your correct bra and cup size is therefore 36 D.

There you go ladies. I hope I have detailed everything as accurately as possible. See? I'm not selfish...*smile*

Hugs. xxx

Saturday 27 December 2008


Hi guys,

I hope you had mad fun this Christmas. Here are some very trendy stuff I have for you. I have so much to share with you, but have decided to show mainly the affordable ones as i don't want to drive you away with hefty price tags. Okay i'll fess up...i'm also running away from I am purchasing most of the featured goods here as well so if you see me, at least you'd know how much they cost but shhhh don't tell...*huge grin*. Please scroll down to read the tags for each photo and where to purchase the goods; I have explained everything in detail and even added my own tips. I'm still trying to work out how to write directly under each photo. I succeeded in doing this is my Make Up post (below this) but posted it in error before this. Ah well, enjoy...

Pic 1: Following the huge success of her first collection, actress and trendsetter Mischa Barton has launched her second handbag range, including this Tapestry Vintage Shoulder Bag, £50. Anyone that knows me knows that i'm a huge fan of massive shoppers and i'm really loving this one. There are 34 styles to choose from – oversized slouch bags, vintage-inspired drawstring bags, totes and purses – with fabrics varying from metallic snakeskin and statement tapestries to patent and pearlised leather. Starting at £20, the prices are reasonable, too. You can get some at and they are priced from £20-£200.

Pic 2: Eva Longoria is also a fan of this Elliott Lucca Calypso Clutch. $158. Available at

Pic 3: This Leyla Day Bag, $449, by True Religion, is spot on trendy and is an investment you won't regret i promise you. I'm a bunny boiling fan of True Religion, especially their jeans. Forget dvb skinny jeans...True Religion rawks!!! Okay Rock and Republic as well...and Robin...oh men i'm mad...i'm just a useless name dropper!!! Aight no more digressing. This bag is available at

Pic 4: Mischa Barton Oversized Shopper, £63.62.

Pic 5: I'm also loving Paul's Boutique bags this season. They are really cool and affordable. This Badge Twista costs £58.73. They also have it in black, but nahhhh the gold one does it for me. Get it from

Pic 6: Paul's Boutique New Season Quilted Bell Bag, £48.94, also at

Pic 7: Statement necklaces are so in this season and you can get this lovely piece, $90, from Tori Spelling's new jewelry range at

Pic 8: Get this chic of a piece, $92, from

Pic 9: Famed Yves Saint Laurent muse, Loulou de la Falaise, knows a thing or two about gems. This piece is just muahhhh!!! A l'il pricey though at $150, but hey it's!!!

Pic 10: Victoria Beckham was pictured wearing a similar looking watch which probably cost more than any of us earn in a year! This Sekonda Gold-Plaited Men's Bracelet Watch is uber cool and would suit most budgets at only £74.99 from Sekonda (08708508200) and H. Samuel. For ladies like Overwhelmed Naija Babe (ONB) that love oversized men's watches, this is for you.

Pic 11: This dress swings from day to night in a cinch! Just grab your stilettos, statement necklace and a pashmina and you're off for a night on the town. $28 at

Pic 12: Emphasize your waist with this empire waist dress. By accentuating your waist, you will give the illusion that you're super slim and draw attention to your best assets. Accessorize also with a strand of pearls to add to that classic touch. Necklace $15 at Dress by Kimchi Blue; $58 at

Pic 13: dvb style two tone glasses; $99. I love oversized sunglasses and always purchase one every season. This would look cool when worn with casual wear like jeans or gypsy dresses.

Pic 14: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana certainly know how to pack 'em in. Yeah i know...i'm showing off...coulda just said D&G huh? lol! Big Love's Ginnifer Goodwin scores in sheer chiffon, silk and pearls.

Pic 15: When it comes to bangles, less is never more. Here, Ashanti's arm was even on-theme at Nelly's Black & White Ball in St. Louis on 30/11/2008.

Pic 16: Leona Lewis rocks the house and blinds the crowd with her arm candy (bangles) at the Bambi Awards in Offenburg, Germany on 27/11/2008.

Pic 17: This Cle de Peau Lipstick in Fresh Sangria Red would suit you more if you are light complexioned, as it's oh soooo red red wine, so pucker up. $55 at Neiman Marcus.

Pic 18: I'm slighty peeved now cos i purchased this Lovely Winter Sparkle (100ml) by SJP last week at Debenhams for £33 and the Fragrance Shimmer Stick for £13; the perfume has now been reduced to £16.50! Always my luck...mchewwwwww!!! If you already have the normal Lovely perfume though, i'd advice you to only buy the Fragrance Shimmer Stick, as the only difference between both perfumes is that one has shimmers in it; it smells exactly the same besides that. Moreover, shimmer is best worn at night anyway, so you can wear your normal Lovely perfume and then use the shimmer stick on your neck and arms.

I'm out y'all. I'm really knackered now and can't stop yawning. I hope you enjoyed this post. Be back soon.

Stay cool. xxx

Photos courtesy of Ok! Style, new! Style and


Pryncess Amayo, the baddest make up chic in da game, is responsible for tranforming these beautiful women into goddesses. What i love about Pryncess is her ability to use a lot of make up and make it look beautiful and creative rather than over the top. Shucks i want to get married again just to have this ace's hands on Such is her expertise. Please don't try this at home if you lack the ability to do it this expertly, or you may end up looking like a drag queen!!! Pryncess has also worked with top designers like Adebayo Jones and on shows like Britain's Next Top Model, to name a few. For bridal make up and special occasions, you can contact Pryncess via her website or join her facebook group, Flawless Make up.

Photo 1: I love this model's eye make up. As her lip make up is quite natural looking, emphasis is laid on her eye make up. I'm loving her bee stung looking pout as well.
Photo 2: WOW, she's flawlessly beautiful.
Photo 3: Prynces Amayo. Eyes- MAC pigment (Yellow)Go glitter eyeliner ( Turquoise )N.Y.C Liquid eyeliner ( Black)MAC Zoom Lash. Cheeks- Black Radiance (Plum). Lips- Revlon Brush On Shine lipgloss (Strawberry Electric).
Photo 4: This model personifies what i keep saying about the colours that compliment dark skin. Check out Ini Edo's make up here. Silver, Lilac and Purple colours really suit darker skinned ladies. Their eyebrows are also beautifully done. I likey!!!

Mac Pigments: Row 1: Accent Red, Pinked Mauve, Revved Up, Fuchsia, All Girl, Pink, Apricot Pink, Pink Opal, Pink Bronze, Copper, Rushmetal, Coppersparkle Row 2: Off the Radar, Melon, Deckchair, Dazzleray, Jardin Aires, Lily White, Shimmertime, Gold Mode, Golden Lemon, Gold, Yellow, Gold Dusk Row 3: Provence, Quick Frost, Steel Blue, Blue, Aire de Blu, Azreal Blue, Deep Blue Green, Teal, Emerald Green, Kelly Green, Golder’s Green, Chartreuse, Row 4: True Chartreuse, Copperized, Night Light, Old Gold, Golden Olive, Pastorale, Mauvement, Smoke Signal,Maroon, Violet, Pink Pearl, Lovely Lily, Row 5: Blue Brown, Sunpepper, Coco Beach, Cocomotion, Sunnydaze, Coco, Softwash Grey, Softwashed, Silver.

My tips: Be careful not to use too much of this. I have it in Frost (silver colour) and only use it at night.

Mac Blushes: Ablaze, Afterdusk, Margin, Fleurry, Other Worldly, Plum Foolery, Don’t Be Shy,Petalpoint, Desirous, Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Shimmersweet, Taupe, Cubic,Cantaloupe, Primpin’/Golden Kitty, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose, Foolish Me, Stray Rose, Springsheen.

Mac Eyeshadow Pots: Firespot, Camel Expresso, Rose Blanc, Romping, Goin’ Bananas, Wondergrass, Fab ‘n Flashy, Blue Storm, Cumulus, Thunder, Cloudburst, Stormwatch.

My tips: I also recommend Iris and Plum if you're dark skinned like myself. I have them and they really suit me. I always use brown eyeshadow as a base (Texture by Mac) before applying all my eyeshadows. A gay pal gave me this tip and it works wonders if you sweat on your face. I also wear Plum made by Nars and Ombre Absolue by Lancome.

My dynamite tip: Glitter pencils are lovely to wear on your eyelids. Nars (at Selfridges), BarryM (at Topshop) and Karen Millen (at larger Boots stores) do some lovely colours. I prefer lilac and pink, as they suit my complexion. They also do gold which would suit a lighter skinned person. After using my glitter pencil, i usually line my eyes with Mac black liquid eyeliner and Mac Zoom Lash.

Prolonged wear lipgloss: Alta Moda, Lasting Lust, Femme Forever, Luv-4-Ever, Persist, For Keeps, Overstated.

My tips: I also wear Nico and line my lips with Grape lipliner, Dreamy and line my lips with Plum or Burgundy lipliners, Zazoom or Pink Poodle and line my lips with Currant lipliner; if you're light skinned, Magenta lipliner would also suit you with Zazoom or Pink Poodle. Chestnut lipliner is famed to go with everything as well, but i personally prefer my lipliner to be a shade darker than my lipgloss. I also wear Urban lipgloss by Iman and line my lips with Chestnut by Mac. For a natural look as well, you can use Lipglass by Mac and line your lips with Chestnut or Coffee eyeliner if you prefer it darker. Also, please DO NOT line your lips with "black eye pencil" lol. Looks very local especially when combined with red lipstick.

Pryncess' tips: You can also line your lips first with Chestnut and then go over with your darker shade lipliner. NYX is a cheaper alternative to Mac eyeshadows as well. They are as good as Mac. Check out their website or concession stands in black hair shops.

Mac Blushes: Loverush, Fever, Harmony.

My dynamite tip: I also use Crazed by Nars blush and then Nars Multifunction stick in Palmbeach to slick over the top of my cheekbone, just above where i apply my blush. If you find the Nars Multi stick a bit pricey (£28.50), you can find cheaper alternatives at larger Boots stores.

Iman and Bobbi Brown particularly cater for black skin as well. I always wear their foundation and powder.

Photos courtesy of Flawless Make up.


My people,

Make una follow me see something oh...perfume wey fit pay off some people mortgage!!! Clive Christian Imperial Majesty (price in naira approximately 25 million)!!! Seriously guys, although i'm sometimes vain and can be quite excessive in my quest to "feel among"...(*big wide grin*), even if i were a millionaire or i drink a gallon of petrol, i don't think i'd be looney-ish enough to buy this perfume!!! I mean wtf???!!! Talk about the word, exhorbitant, being an understatement. Some kain feeling among sef fit choke pessin. Na so i bin feel among one time go chop Caviar for Harvey Nichols restaurant nearly vomit!!! Ouch it can be sometimes painful to be rich mehn...

Ehen back to this perfume- reason for being mad expensive (and i quote them): "Imperial Majesty, which costs $215,000 a bottle, is the most expensive perfume in the world. Would it smell as sweet at any other price? Actually, yes. Imperial Majesty is a limited edition of a Clive Christian signature scent. Sold simply as No. 1, the fragrance is priced at $2,150 an ounce. But the reason Imperial Majesty costs so much is that Christian, a British designer-turned-perfumer, poured 16.9 ounces of No. 1 into a Baccarat crystal bottle, stuck a five-carat diamond into the 18-carat gold collar and unveiled it at Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City this past holiday season. Of the five bottles released for sale (the others were kept for Christian's archives), three have sold".

Dem try well well. You can sha buy three 10ml bottles (for men) for £151.70 if you want to feel among. I also read somewhere else that the crown on each bottle is a gift from Queen Victoria and that the perfume scented the staterooms of The Titanic. Hmmm big deal...upon all this, shey Titanic bin still crash with expensive perfume on board!!! It is also made with the highest concentration possible (chai flit!!! choking!!!). Finally, it is hand delivered in a Bentley oh. Hmmm if dem like make dem carry helicopter deliver am. Mbok make i stick to my SJP, YSL and Lancome average types jare...even if na kabu kabu deliver dem, i go still love dem...monkey no fine but im mama like am.

Aight nuff said for now before i explode from this rant (i seem to be doing a lot of this

Stay cool y'all. xxx

Source courtesy of Forbes magazine.

Friday 26 December 2008


Hi people,

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas. I decided to write this post to encourage ladies out there that feel uncomfortable with their weight. I was inspired to do this by a friend of mine who admitted to me that she cannot undress in the presence of her husband unless the lights are switched off because she is embarrassed about her weight. Although I have told her many times that she's beautiful, she doesn't believe me, as she thinks that I'm just saying it to make her feel better about herself. She has also had to put up with rude comments from inconsiderate people.

If you feel the same way, you must learn to ignore snide remarks and don’t allow anyone put you down. The people who do this are just sad and know no better, so don’t let them get to you. Sometimes people inadvertently pass rude comments.

I once ran into an old acquaintance at a party, one of the times I travelled to Nigeria. The last time we saw each other, which was years back, I was a UK size 10. Apparently surprised at my new fuller size 14 figure, she kept shouting loudly, “You are so fat, have you got a child”? I hadn’t at the time and she knew this, but it was just her way of cementing her rudeness. Whether she was aware or not that calling someone “fat” was rude, na she sabi oh…but I decided to “return the favour” after she had shouted about my “fatness” for the umpteenth time. This woman has two small tribal marks on her cheeks, so I just looked at her and asked, “what happened to your face”? Not understanding (mumu), she touched her face and asked me, “where”? So I replied, “damn did you have a run in with a tiger or something”? I walked off as I heard people erupting into fits of giggles. That would teach her to call another person fat. Bush woman!!!

For anyone else that feels down about their weight, the first step is to believe that you are beautiful (which you truly are) and work on your confidence. We are all different body shapes/sizes and the variety is what creates this beauty. If all of us were stick thin size zero shapes, can you imagine how boring that would be?! Not everyone was made to look like a model. Many of us have lost the bodies we used to have due to childbirth and we should be proud that our bodies bear the evidence of such amazing feats.

The second step is to dress fashionably, according to your body shape, not drawing attention to bulges and accentuating your best assets. For instance, if you have a "jelly belly", don’t let your tummy "escape" from any attire like the lady here. Always keep it covered up. Moreover, even if you have rock solid abs, at certain ages, women should dress like adults and not teenagers.

I have a friend who is a UK size 24 and she is very pretty and fashionable. She always looks impeccably well groomed. She has short hair, which looks really good on women her size; she dresses really well and her nails, hair and make up are always immaculately done. She is one of the most self confident people I have ever known and her bubbly personality is so infectious, you can’t help but warm to her. She just loves herself and this positive attitude of hers is what gets her through.

For those that resort to plastic surgery, God made us in such a way that we should age gracefully, not to try and have firmer boobs even at the age of 60. I have seen documentaries of people who have developed gangrene (flesh eating disease) on their boobs after surgery and people with disfigured faces all because of plastic surgery. Someone once told me that she intends to use soya oil implants instead of silicone, as it's less poisonous (woreva!). The truth is that we don't need these things. A good support bra, nice clothes and make up is more than enough to do the job.

If you can, try and exercise (even if it's walking for 30mins everyday) and do sit ups for your tummy. Watch your diet- e.g. cut your food portions to half of what you'd usually eat. It's actually better to eat little and often rather than to skip breakfast and compensate by bingeing on a very huge lunch. Cut out sugary drinks/food, don't eat too much carbs, drink a lot of water and try not to eat after 7pm. If you are feeling peckish after 7pm, snack on fruits/veg (I love cocumber) like oranges, apples or grapes. Try to avoid bananas when it’s late, as they are high in calories. Grapefruit (not grapes) is also great for slimming.

Even if you do not have the will power to diet/exercise, just be comfortable with your body shape and believe that you are beautiful. You wouldn't believe how many men prefer larger sized ladies (any Calabar men in da house??? lol). Like I said earlier on, the trick is to dress fashionably to accentuate your assets. For instance, you can wear lovely caftans with three quarter length trousers/jeans, gypsy dresses or even other lovely dresses with footless tights/jeans or very long slim-line skirts and accessorize with chunky/slim belts, beaded/chunky neckwear, bangles, hats/caps, etc; even fashionable skirt/trouser suits. Dark colours would also make you appear slimmer. I know that some stores only offer plain/dowdy clothes for fuller figured women, so I thought to also share with you, a French catalogue that I discovered last year which makes very fashionable clothes ranging from UK sizes 8-32, at very affordable prices. It's called Bon Prix. Google it up and see what they have to offer.

Finally, to boost your confidence even further, if you live in the UK, Channel 4 air a program called "How To Look Good Naked". It is hosted by Gok Wan and I cannot describe to you the magic he does to women whose confidence have hit an all time low due to weight issues or body hang ups; let's just say that by the end of the programme, these same women would have had their confidence levels so boosted by him, that they'd be raring to model in bikinis! I can't go into it all now, but I must admit that the guy is an ace. If you don't live in the UK, you can also Google up "How To Look Good Naked" and see what it's all about or watch it online.

Have a lovely day ladies and remember: you are beautiful!!!

Much love. xxx


Hello mums,

Many of us go through trying periods with our newborn babies, what with colic and circumcision and all. I have therefore decided to share a few tips with you, as I can identify with this dilemma.

My daughter used to suffer from colic and refluxed from her nose for about five months. I fretted about this for a while and kept on plying her with Gripe water until a Ghanaian midwife made me realize that the trick was in burping your baby properly. Gripe water doesn’t work anyway, but that’s a debate for another day. A lot of us do not know how to burp our babies properly. We mostly just rub their backs and wait for them to bring up whatever wind they can, but actually, there's a lot more trapped wind left behind. Here are the two tactics this midwife taught me which really works- you can do either:

1. Lie back comfortably on your couch/sofa (sitting upright, but with your back resting against your sofa). Lay your baby on your chest (still sitting in the same position) and press the heel of your palm (firmly), starting from the base of his back and push up. You'd be surprised that he would bring up everything within a minute and you’d find yourself feeling fulfilled, as it’d be obvious that your baby is comfortable.

2. Sit your baby on your lap (sideways, looking away from you), supporting his weight with your left hand; then use the heel of your right palm and push firmly up his back, starting from the base as above. You can use either hand depending on whether you’re left or right handed.

Mums, the trick is to pretend like you're trying to push up the wind from the base of your baby's back to expel from his mouth (which is actually what you're doing). Don't just rub his back because it doesn't work properly. The firm pressing of the base of your palm on his back is what pushes up the wind out of his mouth. Some people may feel like this hurts, but trust me, it doesn't. Once I’ve done this, I usually lay my baby in her cot on her tummy to sleep, with her head facing sideways, so nothing blocks her nose; and she usually sleeps longer and more comfortably. Also, I always have my baby monitor on and check on her from time to time to make sure that she is still breathing oh…lol!!!

Remember also that babies are meant to go through these phases and although it's excruciating for a mother to watch, don’t fret. Take comfort in the fact that the colic discomfort is the worst that your baby can go through; it doesn't kill. Before you know it, your baby would be four months and all that colic agro would start disappearing.

Stay blessed and enjoy a colic free Christmas!!!

Kisses. xoxo

Thursday 25 December 2008


Hey people,

Merry Christmas. I promise to spoil y'all rotten by this weekend. I would have about five new interesting posts up or more. This would be my Christmas present to

I have also added a few more pictures and comments to my last two posts, so please go over them again. Please ignore the lack of paragraphs and jumbled up photo labelling as well. I can't work out how to write under each picture and blogger is refusing to save my paragraphs. It's doing my head in mehn...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I wish you all that you wish yourself and more. May all your dreams for the new year come true in Jesus' name- AMEN!!!

Stay blessed. xxx

Monday 22 December 2008


Picture 1: Chiege Alisigwe, if you were a size 8, you'd probably have been able to get away with this fashion crime. This dress does not do love handles gal, so please cover up next time. Even Victoria Beckham, who is quite tiny, doesn't reveal her midriff in outfits. Leave the "bare bellying" to the teenagers hun!!!

Picture 2: Mercy Johnson, why nawwwwwwwwww???!!! A good support bra comes to mind. Chai!!!

Picture 3: Empress Njamah, someone described you as "looking like a razz mammy water" in this get up on Niyi Tabiti's blog. ROTFLMAOPIMP (PIMP-Peeing In My Pants...not literally though) at that comment. Also, you shouldn't match your hair to your dress. Few dark complexioned ladies can successfully carry off the oh soooo blonde/white hair look. Ouch this is an eyesore!!! Makes me wanna shout...makes me wanna scream...

Picture 4: Don't know you, but oh wow the cheap L'il Kim wanna be thingy you gats going...please drop it. Hardly attractive.

Picture 5: Eucharia Anunobi, didn't someone advice you that you should not show off boobs and legs at the same time??? Babes, less is more. What about a good support bra as well?! Mehn...this is soooo wrong!!! Please take a leaf out of Stephanie Okereke's book- she always gets it right.

Photos courtesy of Niyi Tabiti.


Pictures 1, 2 & 3: Marion Amanambu Ukwu. Ladies, this is a classic example of dressing age/shape appropriate. As you can see, Marion is not skinny, yet look at how fashionable she looks in both casual and traditional wear. She is not revealing too much flesh, thereby drawing emphasis to her pretty face. This is what i mean by less is more. Her short hairstyle also suits the shape of her face and the honey blonde colour blends with her light complexion.

Pictures 4 & 5: I have to commend Ini Edo for stepping up her game. She looks very beautiful in these pictures and her make up suits her complexion. Silver eyeshadow looks really good on dark skin. So here's to Ini: To whom honour is due...

Pictures 6, 7, 11, 12 & 13: Stephanie Okereke; Picture 8: Kate Henshaw and Rita Dominic;
Pictures 9 & 10: Rita Dominic.

Everytime i see Stephanie Okereke, Rita Dominic and Kate Henshaw, they never get it wrong, even when they are casually dressed.

This is how we do it people.

Pictures courtesy of Niyi Tabiti.


Hi everyone,

I trust you all had a lovely weekend and believe you are seriously preparing for Christmas. I envy you Naija folk, as I’ll be spending a very cold boring Christmas here in London. I wish I were in Calabar right now. Calabar is the best place to spend Christmas so if you’ve never been there, try going there one Christmas and you’d never spend Christmas anywhere else.

Ladies, I just thought I should share a beauty tip with you. If like most mums, breastfeeding has taken its toll on your boobs or they've given in to a bit of velocity, you'd be pleased to know that Matalan here in London make very cheap bras (£5) that would sort out ALL your "boob woes".

Most of us spend so much money on bras which cost from £18-£25 each or more from stores like Marks & Spencer, Gossard, LaSenza and Victoria Secrets; however I can assure you that upon their hefty price tags, none of them match this £5 Matalan bra when it comes to proper support. The only downside to the bras are that they are quite plain (no design) and start puffing up at the sides after a few washes; they also only go up to size 38C. We are hoping to tackle these areas when we bring out our own range. Most importantly though, it does its job and is very comfortable to wear (no uncomfortable underwiring poking your ribs). Considering that they are cheap anyway, I wouldn’t be too disappointed about the downside and would just buy loads. It’s best to wear them if you are wearing something low cut and want to show off some cleavage. You can use your expensive bras with other attires.

It is very horrible to display droopy boobs, so please always wear a good support bra if you must show some cleavage. Remember also that less is more, so please don’t show off cleavage and legs at the same time. That is so wrong. I will be posting pictures of a few celebs in my next post to illustrate to you how to do this/how not to do this.

If you are interested in this bra, it's called Multiway bra and it has clear straps as well as normal ones, so you can alternate when you don't want to use the normal straps (eg if you're wearing a backless or halter neck top). The good thing is that although it does have underwiring, you'd never feel a thing, as it has good padding. The underwiring is shaped according to your breast moulds and goes all around, cupping your entire boobs whilst lifting them at the same time; unlike most underwirings that push up just the bottom part of your boobs, still leaving the top part looking a l’il droopy- I think this is the secret of its perfect hold.

Since they are so cheap, my advice is to buy as many as possible (maybe 5 whites and 5 blacks), because they sell out quite quickly, especially the black ones. Even if you don’t live in the UK, you can always send someone to get some of these bras for you. Believe me, it’s an investment you won’t regret if you are a fan of low cut attires.

Finally, it is also important to get your boobs measured to determine your correct size, if you’ve not already done so. For those of you that live in the UK, LaSenza, M&S and John Lewis offer this service free of charge. You wouldn't believe the number of people that wear wrong sized bras without realizing it. I used to think I was a size 36B, but when I got measured years ago, I found out that I’m actually a size 38C. Ill fitting bras can disfigure your boobs, so please get them measured. I also offer this service and would be visiting Nigeria soon with my tape measure, so if you’re interested, please let me know.

Much love. xoxo

Sunday 21 December 2008


Hey y'all,

Welcome to our world. We are two very funky and fashionable people that want to raise awareness about what to/what not to wear. We want all you beautiful women to be comfortable/confident in your own skins no matter what shapes or sizes you are. Our greatest concern is boobs after witnessing many horror eyesores. We are in the process of creating our own underwear range that would include plus sizes to accommodate fuller figured ladies.

It may also interest you to know that although we have the same tastes in fashion, we are very different sizes; hence we hope that we can identify with the vast majority of women, as we have also had our own body hang ups. Mine has always been my weight. I am always on a diet and even managed to go down two dress sizes last year, but have now put it all back on! LOL. I have since accepted myself the way I am. I know I will never look like a model, but I am comfortable in my own skin and have always been fashionable. Whenever I say this, some people misconstrue it as me putting myself down, but this is not the case. I am just a realist. I am not ugly, but I am okay and comfortable with my average looks.

I was inspired to do this by my sister who has always had issues with her boobs even though she has the figure of a model. In fact, I practically "bullied" her out of having a boob job!!! LOL. She is now also comfortable with them, as there are gel filled bras and good uplifting bras that can make an A cup look like a C...Seriously. Far better than running the risk of getting yukky gangrened boobs if anything goes wrong with your implants!

I (Boob Sista 1), do all the writing, and would be pleased to answer all your questions. As a mother also, I don't mind being your agony aunt, whether you are unhappy about your body, you need baby tips, relationship advice, bedroom tips or anything else that you are bothered about.

I hope you would enjoy reading this blog and contributing in your own ways. I respect and appreciate everyone's views and would allow you the freedom to post whatever you like without screening your comments. However, please do remember that we are all adults and kindly keep your comments civil even if you disagree with anything said.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and God bless you loads.

Muah. xxx