Friday, 26 December 2008


Hello mums,

Many of us go through trying periods with our newborn babies, what with colic and circumcision and all. I have therefore decided to share a few tips with you, as I can identify with this dilemma.

My daughter used to suffer from colic and refluxed from her nose for about five months. I fretted about this for a while and kept on plying her with Gripe water until a Ghanaian midwife made me realize that the trick was in burping your baby properly. Gripe water doesn’t work anyway, but that’s a debate for another day. A lot of us do not know how to burp our babies properly. We mostly just rub their backs and wait for them to bring up whatever wind they can, but actually, there's a lot more trapped wind left behind. Here are the two tactics this midwife taught me which really works- you can do either:

1. Lie back comfortably on your couch/sofa (sitting upright, but with your back resting against your sofa). Lay your baby on your chest (still sitting in the same position) and press the heel of your palm (firmly), starting from the base of his back and push up. You'd be surprised that he would bring up everything within a minute and you’d find yourself feeling fulfilled, as it’d be obvious that your baby is comfortable.

2. Sit your baby on your lap (sideways, looking away from you), supporting his weight with your left hand; then use the heel of your right palm and push firmly up his back, starting from the base as above. You can use either hand depending on whether you’re left or right handed.

Mums, the trick is to pretend like you're trying to push up the wind from the base of your baby's back to expel from his mouth (which is actually what you're doing). Don't just rub his back because it doesn't work properly. The firm pressing of the base of your palm on his back is what pushes up the wind out of his mouth. Some people may feel like this hurts, but trust me, it doesn't. Once I’ve done this, I usually lay my baby in her cot on her tummy to sleep, with her head facing sideways, so nothing blocks her nose; and she usually sleeps longer and more comfortably. Also, I always have my baby monitor on and check on her from time to time to make sure that she is still breathing oh…lol!!!

Remember also that babies are meant to go through these phases and although it's excruciating for a mother to watch, don’t fret. Take comfort in the fact that the colic discomfort is the worst that your baby can go through; it doesn't kill. Before you know it, your baby would be four months and all that colic agro would start disappearing.

Stay blessed and enjoy a colic free Christmas!!!

Kisses. xoxo


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