Saturday, 27 December 2008


Pryncess Amayo, the baddest make up chic in da game, is responsible for tranforming these beautiful women into goddesses. What i love about Pryncess is her ability to use a lot of make up and make it look beautiful and creative rather than over the top. Shucks i want to get married again just to have this ace's hands on Such is her expertise. Please don't try this at home if you lack the ability to do it this expertly, or you may end up looking like a drag queen!!! Pryncess has also worked with top designers like Adebayo Jones and on shows like Britain's Next Top Model, to name a few. For bridal make up and special occasions, you can contact Pryncess via her website or join her facebook group, Flawless Make up.

Photo 1: I love this model's eye make up. As her lip make up is quite natural looking, emphasis is laid on her eye make up. I'm loving her bee stung looking pout as well.
Photo 2: WOW, she's flawlessly beautiful.
Photo 3: Prynces Amayo. Eyes- MAC pigment (Yellow)Go glitter eyeliner ( Turquoise )N.Y.C Liquid eyeliner ( Black)MAC Zoom Lash. Cheeks- Black Radiance (Plum). Lips- Revlon Brush On Shine lipgloss (Strawberry Electric).
Photo 4: This model personifies what i keep saying about the colours that compliment dark skin. Check out Ini Edo's make up here. Silver, Lilac and Purple colours really suit darker skinned ladies. Their eyebrows are also beautifully done. I likey!!!

Mac Pigments: Row 1: Accent Red, Pinked Mauve, Revved Up, Fuchsia, All Girl, Pink, Apricot Pink, Pink Opal, Pink Bronze, Copper, Rushmetal, Coppersparkle Row 2: Off the Radar, Melon, Deckchair, Dazzleray, Jardin Aires, Lily White, Shimmertime, Gold Mode, Golden Lemon, Gold, Yellow, Gold Dusk Row 3: Provence, Quick Frost, Steel Blue, Blue, Aire de Blu, Azreal Blue, Deep Blue Green, Teal, Emerald Green, Kelly Green, Golder’s Green, Chartreuse, Row 4: True Chartreuse, Copperized, Night Light, Old Gold, Golden Olive, Pastorale, Mauvement, Smoke Signal,Maroon, Violet, Pink Pearl, Lovely Lily, Row 5: Blue Brown, Sunpepper, Coco Beach, Cocomotion, Sunnydaze, Coco, Softwash Grey, Softwashed, Silver.

My tips: Be careful not to use too much of this. I have it in Frost (silver colour) and only use it at night.

Mac Blushes: Ablaze, Afterdusk, Margin, Fleurry, Other Worldly, Plum Foolery, Don’t Be Shy,Petalpoint, Desirous, Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Shimmersweet, Taupe, Cubic,Cantaloupe, Primpin’/Golden Kitty, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose, Foolish Me, Stray Rose, Springsheen.

Mac Eyeshadow Pots: Firespot, Camel Expresso, Rose Blanc, Romping, Goin’ Bananas, Wondergrass, Fab ‘n Flashy, Blue Storm, Cumulus, Thunder, Cloudburst, Stormwatch.

My tips: I also recommend Iris and Plum if you're dark skinned like myself. I have them and they really suit me. I always use brown eyeshadow as a base (Texture by Mac) before applying all my eyeshadows. A gay pal gave me this tip and it works wonders if you sweat on your face. I also wear Plum made by Nars and Ombre Absolue by Lancome.

My dynamite tip: Glitter pencils are lovely to wear on your eyelids. Nars (at Selfridges), BarryM (at Topshop) and Karen Millen (at larger Boots stores) do some lovely colours. I prefer lilac and pink, as they suit my complexion. They also do gold which would suit a lighter skinned person. After using my glitter pencil, i usually line my eyes with Mac black liquid eyeliner and Mac Zoom Lash.

Prolonged wear lipgloss: Alta Moda, Lasting Lust, Femme Forever, Luv-4-Ever, Persist, For Keeps, Overstated.

My tips: I also wear Nico and line my lips with Grape lipliner, Dreamy and line my lips with Plum or Burgundy lipliners, Zazoom or Pink Poodle and line my lips with Currant lipliner; if you're light skinned, Magenta lipliner would also suit you with Zazoom or Pink Poodle. Chestnut lipliner is famed to go with everything as well, but i personally prefer my lipliner to be a shade darker than my lipgloss. I also wear Urban lipgloss by Iman and line my lips with Chestnut by Mac. For a natural look as well, you can use Lipglass by Mac and line your lips with Chestnut or Coffee eyeliner if you prefer it darker. Also, please DO NOT line your lips with "black eye pencil" lol. Looks very local especially when combined with red lipstick.

Pryncess' tips: You can also line your lips first with Chestnut and then go over with your darker shade lipliner. NYX is a cheaper alternative to Mac eyeshadows as well. They are as good as Mac. Check out their website or concession stands in black hair shops.

Mac Blushes: Loverush, Fever, Harmony.

My dynamite tip: I also use Crazed by Nars blush and then Nars Multifunction stick in Palmbeach to slick over the top of my cheekbone, just above where i apply my blush. If you find the Nars Multi stick a bit pricey (£28.50), you can find cheaper alternatives at larger Boots stores.

Iman and Bobbi Brown particularly cater for black skin as well. I always wear their foundation and powder.

Photos courtesy of Flawless Make up.


Anonymous said...

you wouldnt believe it.. but i just started learning how to wear eyeliner last week... im still practising the um pencil one... cos i dont have a steady hand yet... then ill progress to the liquid liner... cant wait to be a girly girl.. lol.. oddly enough i step out almost everywhere in heels.. but i havent the slightest idea what to do with makeup... well im good with lipgloss... have every single type and colour u could imagine... never worn foundation or any of that stuff... but i will sha learn... abi you will be my guidance hun? lol

Afrobabe said...

lol @ Overwhelmed...i just started wearing them as well, after years of just having them in my make up bag..

Met a friend of Shonavixen's who wears them so perfectly that I just had to i just sit at hime and experiment....

Boob Sista 1 said...

@ ONB: Babes, with that drop dead gorgeous figure of yours, you'd be transformed into a goddess if you start wearing make up. And you need to learn how to use the liquid eyeliner cos pencil doesn't really do it, unless you're wearing it on the lower part of your eyelid. I wish i were there to show you. I've taught loads of my friend that were like yourself to make up and the difference is WOW. Practice my step by step tips here on how to apply make up. You don't have to use foundation all the time, but always make sure you do your eye make up and lips.

@ Afrobabe: LOL. Same advice goes to you. You're almost the same complexion as myself and you've seen the way i do it, so get practising. Once you've done your eyes and lips, you'd be on a roll babes.

Buttercup said...

im so clueless bout eye always so scared of looking artificial so i just dont bother..but when i see others i just get envious all over

Boob Sista 1 said...

@ Buttercup: A trial will convince you gal.

Anonymous said...

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